Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hay is Yummier than a Brontesaurus

"Oh my, is this new hay?"

"I accept this hay.  Nom."

Exciting blog news! Small Pet Select sent me one pound of hay for my rabbits to eat on the condition that I blog about said hay. So, even though this is a book blog, I signed up because I like free stuff. And what better free stuff is there than fine hay fresh from the field? I gave it to the bunnies in a clean litter box and they were very munched it up after they got over their initial reservations. “New? Why would we want something new? We have regular hay. This hay is different. Different is shocking.”
Then they ate it and found it very exciting. I believe the hay was a bit moister than our usual brand. It had a good, meadowy smell, and lots of long firms stalks with seedheads, which is what you look for if you're into eating hay. Thank you, Small Pet Select, for free hay! Also, thank you for your lovely newsletter on rabbit topics! And thank you for all the guinea pig pictures you keep posting on my Facebook wall! They stand out from all the bunny feeds I get. You almost make me want guinea pigs, but not really, because guinea pigs don't control their bowels.

I probably won't start buying Small Pet Select hay because they don't carry the fifty pound boxes, and with four rabbits, fifty pounds at a time is the only way to buy hay economically. But Small Pet Select is a business made up of kind people who love bunnies and promote rabbit health all over the internet, and that is very important to me, my bunnies, and my blog. If you need hay and don't need unreasonable amounts of it like I do, order some Small Pet Select hay. They have free shipping this month.

I'm bogged down in the middle of four books right now. They range somewhere between great and pretty good, but none of them are unputdownable, with the exception of The Polysyllabic Spree, which I read quickly last week. The Polysyllabic Spree is Nick Hornby's first collection of Believer magazine columns on what he has been reading lately.

Nick Hornby reads more fiction than I do, more biography as well. I can't stand biographies. (I might belie that statement later.) He gets a Salinger biography because the fellow who wrote it wrote a different biography of a poet who was recommended to him by someone with literary street cred. After reading that, he picks up Franny and Zooey, Raise High the Roofbeams Carpenters, and Seymour: An Introduction. And he says, fantasically, something like, “It's not often that you can knock off the ouevre of a major author in a week. And you may think I'm bragging, but I shouldn't I have read these ages ago?” And he's right. Even the Brontes, who made it easier for their fans by dying of consumption in their thirties, wrote such thick, thick books that reading them all is a daunting task and I, therefore, haven't done it yet.

I do need to read Wuthering Heights soon, and I own a copy. Really, I should have read Wuthering Heights before I read Withering Tights, but I absolutely had to read Withering Tights as soon as Kari lent it to me because it is by Louise Rennison, and anything she is so funny that her books absolutely needs to be read immediately as soon as you get them. To conclude, Wuthering Heights would provide needed background for its hilarious spin-off, and I would like to read it for that reason.

Someday, I will get through Dodger, Mugged by a Moose, The Great Good Place, and The Autobiography of Margaret Sanger.  Until then, I wish you well.

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